One of the most popular varieties. Originally from the town of Arbeca, in the neighboring county of Garrigues, where the name comes. Tradition tells that King Jaime I took Mallorca from Catalonia and one of his subjects, the Lord of Arbeca, planted this variety on his farm.

An early maturing oil and low-medium size compared to other varieties conrreades in Catalonia. This variety is very resistant to cold and drought and pests, especially verticolisis and repilo. Moreover, oil is sensitive to calcareous soils.

Unaltra feature is the high productivity and good performance gras, about 20.5% of oil, it is among the varieties with higher oil extraction rate.

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Its texture is smooth oil with a fruity smell soft and delicate flavor, sweet reminiscent of green nuts. Rarely have bitterness or itching. Oils are very pleasant in the mouth.

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The Proximity sale is selling food products from land or livestock and / or result of a process of preparation or processing carried out in favor of the consumer or end consumers, either directly or through the intervention of an intermediary person , by producers or groups of agricultural producers.

The sale includes local direct sales and sales circuit curt.El Decree 24/2013 of 8 January, regulating the accreditation of selling local food products.

Another label that distinguishes and guarantees the quality and safety of our oil is certified by the integrated production. The Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Action of the Generalitat of Catalonia and the Catalan Council ProduccióIntegrada ensure that products labeled with the symbol of integrated production meet the standards established by Decree 214/2002, which regulates this production.

With the symbol of integrated production in Catalonia, identify the quality food prepared using methods that respect health and
environment, responding to the demands of quality and food safety that consumers demand.

We as producers and packers are obliged to fulfill all the conditions laid down in the technical standards of production established for each crop, the obligation to keep a notebook of operation and, if applicable, a notebook of post harvest, which include annotations of all the interventions made on the cultivation and products. So history is monitored every oil from the field to the point of sale.

Organic extra virgin olive oil RIVERS ECO-GOLDIs extracted 100% from 100% Arbequina olives and organic graft.

The launch of this new product to meet the demands of a growing market as consumption of organic products.

We are certified by CCPA (Catalan Council of Organic Agricultural Production) which is the controlling authority for organic products from Catalonia with the function to audit and certify organic food products in our country.

The organic certification guarantees that the products have been produced or processed following the rules of organic farming, which have been controlled throughout the process of production, processing, packaging and marketing.

The CCPA seal guarantees the consumer that the techniques used in organic farming are respectful of the environment and to people, because it restricts the use of synthetic chemicals (hormones, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc.). Therefore, organic agricultural products do not contain residues of these substances.

European rivers eco leaf goldL’objectiu principal és l’obtenció d’aliments de màxima qualitat. La certificació és necessària per tal de garantir que el sistema de producció ecològic dels aliments arribi al consumidor amb les màximes garanties.


The features as unique and special feature of the Terra Alta are protected under the unified PDO Terra Alta, In which oil olivamonovarietalverge extra graft RIVERS GOLD and also belongs. It submits that a certification body oil cooperatives registered with rigorous controls production and processing to ensure the highest quality and origin. Thus, controls on production and certify correct agricultural practices that respect the environment; regarding the development, use only olive empeltred'alta quality, harvested directly from the tree and grinding is done in cold preservarcadascuna of the natural properties of the fruit.

With the label of the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin guaranteed traceability, quality controls and food safety requirements and meet all government standards Catalan, Spanish and European.

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